Welcome to CyberneticGaming !

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As we're an ever expanding community, we're always looking for new gaming teams and groups to join in to our large network of gamers, artists, and hosters.
If anyone is interested in joining their team in, you can contact us for more information on perks on our contact page.

Keep our VPS up.

Cybernetic Gaming

Welcome to the Cybernetic Gaming website.

We are a well-established collaborative in the gaming community across a wide variety of different games and genres. We are always looking to expand our group to become a widespread community and social hub for gamers to play amongst. We're all about having fun and doing our best, but we also love a bit of healthy competition :)

CyberneticGaming is a non-profit gaming community, so all donation purely go to keeping our servers running and go into creating more servers. This means all donations will go into Our VPS which hosts Teamspeak and a few other game servers.

Some of the games in which we participate heavily include:

We regularly enter competitive matches and will happily run new teams in any game that our members have a great interest in.


Our policies are very broad as to what they are. We just expect all our members to play fair and to try their hardest while keeping the gaming environment good enough for people of all ages to participate in gaming.